"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

National Trust - English Gardens Could Grow Cacti Because of Warming

More crude propaganda from people who should know better!
A National Trust campaign involving paintings highlights how gardens will/could/may/might  look if global warming brings Mediterranean weather to Britain .It must be hard to find suitable subjects for painting not covered by snow!

They say that  4 degrees C rise in temperature  could see lawns replaced with gravel, orange and lemon trees in gardens.

Pastureland will turn to dusty scrub, lakes could silt up because of soil erosion, and ponds could be filled in because of droughts.
And cottage garden plans could be replaced with cacti, aloe vera and bananas.

Painting of Typical English Garden
Garden after the "ravages ' of Global Warming - only short some Latin-skinned Englishmen!
I'm surprised they did not commission a series of underwater paintings for when Antarctica melts!


  1. According to your bio, global meteorology seems to fall outside your area of expertise. Perhaps we wouldn't be in such muck if folks would stick to what they know.

  2. It is nice to see Anonymous agreeing with you Baron. By his own yardstick the Nation Trust's comments fall right outside their area of expertise!

    Central Qld

  3. very pretty gardens. by the way I wish global warming was happening I hate winter! people thrive better in a warmer clime then a colder one. longer growing seasons, better plant growth from co2 and use of less heating oil gas and electricity and wood burning which would naturally produce less pollution overall.


  4. People are talking less about "warming" and more about about "global climate change" which gives a better overall description of what is happening. All biological process - and meteorological ones as well - are powered by chemistry and it's wonderful that we have PhD-level brainpower looking in to the human-driven part of this chemistry. Opinions on the both extreme ends of the spectrum - denial and panic-mongering alike - are driven by the less educated. My biggest interest isn't really what my garden will look like or whether I will enjoy nicer weather in the winter, but what a global effect will be on food supply as areas that are suited to grow certain crops will no longer sustain it. Changes can be made to grow new things more suitable but likely there will be a change in supply and even a tiny change in rainfall or temperature can effect the viability of food crops. This could look bad for global political stability so the least peculiarity is being finally able to grow lemons! I would be relieved if human-generated CO2 emissions are the cause of melting ice caps, etc., because we have some ability to fix this problem. There have been endless examples of human-generated chemistry effecting biological and environmental processes - disruption of bird fertility cycle with DDT, children with developmental problem from lead paint ingestion (my sister was one), thalidomide on fetal development, CFCs on the ozone, cancer-causing asbestos, etc, etc. So I certainly hope CO2 emission are the main part of the picture, as that's something we can limit by choice. If climate change is naturally occurring and thus inevitable we are in much more trouble. That said the paintings are a really amusing example of misperceived climate change consequences. And pretty attractive, too.

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