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Friday, April 16, 2010

Lake Michigan - Green Plans to Deface It's Natural Beauty

Lake Michigan is the latest natural beauty spot targeted for the construction of ugly wind turbines as a monument to Green stupidity. The fact that it is even being considered shows the schizophrenic nature of the green mentality - forty 44 story high ideologically pure monstrosities in a natural wonderland.

Wind Farm Would Power Every Home With Electricity To Spare  is trumpeted by the proponent of the scheme.
"It's essentially zero carbon power and we have it right here, right close to where we need it," said green architect Nathan Kipnis.

Kipnis is on the city's Renewable Energy Task Force. He has traveled out to the proposed site and measured class five wind speeds, strong enough to power 40,000 homes each year.

The sad fact is that it will not power any homes in the sense that we understand domestic power.
Wind power is not "dispatchable" and power system controllers have to plan start up of real power stations hours ahead as if wind power was not available. The construction of wind farms does not reduce the conventional power capacity required one kilowatt as the system needs to run when there is no wind!
When a power grid has to integrate wind power as is being legislated in some states the CO2 emissions can actually increase due to the inefficiencies involved with the integration. Erratic wind power also causes severe system stability problems when it is a significant part of the system. More information on the Hidden Costs of Wind Power is available in this excellent paper.

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