"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Monday, August 2, 2010

Will The Real Fake Julia Please Stand Up!

The Labor spin merchants must think that the Australian public are morons when they publicly announce that they have a "new" Julia Gillard since the old fake one has been soundly rejected in the opinion polls.

JULIA Gillard will today unleash the "real Julia", discarding a safe campaign approach to personally seize control of her battle for The Lodge.

Labor has lost its substantial two-party preferred lead against the Coalition in just two weeks, with the split now 50/50, according to the latest Newspoll.

Meanwhile while the consensus is that Labor can still scrape home at least one political commentator does not think so.
This isn’t just a temporary poll slump after a bad week. The Gillard government is in big, big trouble.
It is headed for a defeat, and probably a big one.
Is this a huge call three weeks out from election day? Under normal circumstances it would be. You would expect a government, particularly a young one, to soak up ...
the undecideds and waverers as election day approached. Governments usually make ground in election campaigns.
But these are not normal circumstances.
Readers of this blog must be tired of me going on about incumbency, so rather than do it again here are previous elaborations. Before Julia Gillard replaced Kevin Rudd, there was this, then when she did, this and when the election was called, this.
This priceless asset of being the safer option has drifted to - of all politicians in this country - Tony Abbott. Opinion polls over the next few weeks are likely to follow.
Last week’s leaks would not have been as potent if Julia Gillard had been a settled prime minister with authority.
The whole premise of Labor’s re-election strategy - that her popularity would steamroll them to victory - was wrong-headed.
And repeated blundering into immigration/boatpeople issue has legitimised the opposition’s hot topic and ensured the Coalition doesn’t suffer a leafy “small l” Liberal backlash.
Can the government win from here? Gillard’s declaration this morning that showing us more of her personality is the answer indicates they won’t.

If this Julia incarnation does nor work it will be back to the workshop and she will , like the Terminator , have a new personaility installed to a new poll-driven specification.


  1. Julia Gillard was educated at 'Mitcham Demonstration School' in Adelaide. Brad Boyd, Deputy head at this school, claims that this is what made her what she is today. The history of education in Adelaide is interesting, with a very heavy Froebelian influence, and having been constructed in what we call the 'John Adam St Gang' in London (also called the 'Adelphi Planners') who set up colonies in NZ and Canada, as well as Australia and elsewhere. To read more about the influence of the Froebel gifts and the 'architecture of the mind' and how this most likely has affected Gillard, I suggest people go to the 'lifeinthemixtalk' website:

    Froebel: http://www.lifeinthemixtalk.com/?p=15604

    Gillard: http://www.lifeinthemixtalk.com/?p=16237

    John Adam St Gang: http://www.lifeinthemixtalk.com/?p=3305

    Considering that Tony Abbott supports a Constitutional Monarchy, we have both Gillard and Abbot as tools of the John Adam St Gang, the network centre of the old British Empire, which never went away.

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