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Thursday, December 9, 2010

How Dumb is Huffpost!

The Huffington Post has an article on employment in the wind industry which underscores the huge resources being applied for very little return. It is good to see Huffpost finally seeing the light and supporting skeptics on the "green jobs" fallacy.

Here's a talking point in the green jobs debate: The wind industry now employs more people than coal mining in the United States.
Wind industry jobs jumped to 85,000 in 2008, a 70% increase from the previous year, according to a report released Tuesday from the American Wind Energy Association. In contrast, the coal industry employs about 81,000 workers. (Those figures are from a 2007 U.S. Department of Energy report but coal employment has remained steady in recent years though it's down by nearly 50% since 1986.) Wind industry employment includes 13,000 manufacturing jobs concentrated in regions of the country hard hit by the deindustrialization of the past two decades.
The big spike in wind jobs was a result of a record-setting 50% increase in installed wind capacity, with 8,358 megawatts coming online in 2008 (enough to power some 2 million homes). That's a third of the nation's total 25,170 megawatts of wind power generation. Wind farms generating more than 4,000 megawatts of electricity were completed in the last three months of 2008 alone.
Here are some more talking points on the green jobs scam:
1.In 2009 wind power accounted for only .02% of US power actually consumed compared with coal supplying 44%. Even assuming the wind power doubles to .04% for 2010 that means green power requires 1000 people for every one in the coal industry to produce the same energy. 
2. This does not allow for the cost of back-up generators which have to be built to match the Name Plate capacity of wind generators. 
3. Wind power cannot power any homes let alone 2 million as it does not produce "dispatchable" energy.
Generally at times of greatest need as in last year's freeze in the UK and under heat wave conditions wind often drops to zero.


  1. If the Green Power lobby thinks that it's a good thing use "1000 people for every one in the coal industry to produce the same energy", then do they also consider it good to use 1000 Green-farmers to produce the same amount of food produced by one non-Green farmer?

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