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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tiny Green Intellects - Reading the Tea Leaves!

According to the Tiny Green Thought Bubble Assam tea production has dropped because of a drought caused by global warming.
In India, Assam tea, with it’s unique flavor, is not only the country’s most popular drink, it’s a staple of both the domestic and international market. However, global warming and the global drought are starting to wreak havoc on the industry and those who make their living from it (not to mention those who simply love the tea). 

However a quick check reveals that it is pests and excessive rainfall that have had negative effects on recent harvests a point conveniently overlooked  by the Tinies.

olkata, Aug 16 (IANS) Heavy rainfall has taken serious toll on tea production in north India and the output may fall short of the 735 million kgs posted in 2009, the Indian Tea Association (ITA) said here Monday.
Production in Assam also declined in May and June this year due to a pest attack, ITA said in a statement.
“The tea industry continues to see adverse weather and slow recovery of large areas in Assam which had been severely impacted due to Helopeltis pest attacks in the earlier months. July production - as revealed from quick estimates on the basis of reports from ITA members show a further decline of 2 million kgs during the month,” it said.


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