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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Green Energy Dominos Start to Fall!


The green energy bubble will surely follow in the footsteps of the dot.com crash as reality catches up with ideology and  companies with no economic or sensible raison d'etre will fail. The rate at which this happens will be dependent on how quickly the governments establish proper priorities and shut off the flow of taxpayer funds to these parasitic companies which cannot function without their snouts in the public trough.The catalyst will probably be the 2012 US elections when the GOP looks likely to take the presidency and the Senate and the rest of the world will follow.Increased Congressional oversight by the GOP is already having an effect.
The recent collapse of the solar company Solyandra in the US taking with it a half billion of  taxpayer funds has now been followed by the biomass technology company Choren in Germany with 300 employees.

The plant was designed as a pilot for future plants in producing “sun-diesel” from wood waste and biomass. It was designed to produce 18 million litres of the “climate-friendly” fuel, the TAZ reports. It employs 300 workers.
Even Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the plant along with a substantial entourage, before cameras, in April 2008. Unfortunately, the plant was never able to make a profit. The TAZ writes:
Indeed neither the manufacturing costs nor the technology appear to be controllable. Shell opted out already in 2009. Then VW and Daimler followed in July, and so insolvency was unavoidable. Approximately €100 million have been invested so far, €30 million of which were subsidies.”
 It turns out that the entire project is not financially feasible and naive calculations had been made. Such a plant requires huge quantities of wood and biomass to operate. All the handling, power, equipment and effort needed to process the raw material ended up consuming much of the energy that was produced. The result: an economic fiasco. Your government masterminds at work.
In the new Orwellian world we now live in "climate friendly" is a  euphemism for "taxpayer-unfriendly" and is used  by climate carpetbaggers  to sell their wares to gullible politicians and a naive public.

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