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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ideology Uber Alles

"Scientists" have been monitoring the effects of global warming on spring leaf growth in Germany and were surprised by the results. They would be better off using science rather than Lysenkoism as a basis for their research.

The above temperature graph shows February temperatures in  Germany which are getting cooler!
Visually impaired Frederick could see that you can not measure effects of warming in a cooling trend.
No Tricks Zone has the story translated from the German.

So why is leaf unfolding not happening as early as expected? The authors here appear to be baffled and thus are left speculating and offering adventurous explanations. Maybe they ought just take a look at the temperature trends for spring and winter in Europe. If they did so, they would find that winters and early springtime have gotten COLDER over the past couple of decades, and not warmer as the authors seem to believe.
Back in early April I posted on this here. Winters have not been warming and spring has been in fact delayed. Spring flowers have also been found to be blossoming later.
Austrian and German winters have also gotten COLDER over the past 25 years .
Moreover the European Alps have gotten “considerably colder” over the last 26 years. It’s truly stunning that the authors seemingly never bothered to look at the temperature trends.

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  1. The aspect of using Lysenkoism as their basis of their research is not a good idea for me as well, i would have prefered science over that. Thats in my personal view